Jaguar is likely to migrate from Doug Maroon in 2021, and is looking to Urban Meyer as an alternative.

Jaguar is likely to migrate from Doug Maroon in 2021, and is looking to Urban Meyer as an alternative.

It’s shooting season in the NFL, and as the teams marvel at Atlanta Falcons I jumped in the process of vetting new candidates, others like New York Jets And the Jacksonville Jaguars, Who apparently took the long way to reach the same destination. With news on the former Adam Gas is expected to be expelled at the end of the 2020 seasonThe latter seems ready to do the same with coach Doug Maroney – or at least they think hard about him. It was reported before the end of the regular season for Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Colts This owner, Shad Khan, was most likely moved from Maroni, according to Ian Rapoport NFL NetworkBut the decision has yet to be made officially.

For those who are wondering what snag isGiven that the Jaguars are 1–14 and the series’ 14-game losing streak in the league, it looks like Kahn is likely looking to former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer – according to Kylin Jones of ringer – His name was recently linked to the University of Texas, and one year earlier, B. Cowboys in Dallas. Instead, the former would hire Steve Sarkissian to replace Tom Herman (both items were dropped on January 2), and the Cowboys were hired with Mike McCarthy now and later.

This places Jaguars as the number one candidate to lure Meyer out of retirement, and his decision will influence Marrone’s future. Given his connections to Florida since he led the Gators to two national championships in the early 2000s, it makes sense that North Florida would be an interesting landing point for him. Adding to the level of interest on Meyer’s part, Jaguar will likely have picked # 1 in the 2021 NFL Draft, which puts them in a position to pick the most unanimous Trevor Lawrence, plus a windfall in cover available space to build in a free agency. .

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As it stands, Meyer is said to be lining up a coaching team to come to a potential deal with Jaguar, but the club is also building contingencies should that deal fail. Jacksonville sticks to the Ohio state theme and also has eyes on Ryan Day, who led Buckeyes to choke Lawrence and Clemson Tiger on New Year’s Day to win a national championship match with Alabama.

This all builds on the aforementioned potential split of Marrone because even if Meyer and Day were disenfranchised, the fact that Jaguars built a slate of candidates strongly hints at Marrone’s training for his last match in Jacksonville. The 56-year-old joined the organization as an assistant to head coach and forward coach in 2015 before landing on the interim mark in 2016 after Gus Bradley was fired, and was eventually promoted to head coach in 2017. After he stunned the NFL By appearing in the AFC Championship Game, the wheels were knocked out by a massive exodus of All-Pro and Pro Bowl talent that helped fuel both the ouster of Tom Coughlin from the front office and a combined record of 12-35 over the past three seasons.

And with that, Maron’s days with Jaguar might be numbered at last.

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