Deshaun Watson jets trading hype intensifies with Post ‘like’

Deshaun Watson jets trading hype intensifies with Post 'like'

Deshaun Watson may have given the first indication that he is interested in coming to Jets.

The Texas superstar’s official Instagram account I like a picture of the back page of the post From Monday he said so Jets have to do “whatever it takes” to get the disgruntled midfielder. Photo posted by Yonkers businessman Wayne Schneider.

Watson, 25 years old He is said to be very unhappy With Houston owner Cal McNair and Vice President Soccer Operations Jack Easterby after the organization failed to fulfill promises it made that he would be able to provide input on the vacant general manager position for the club and the position of head coaching following Bill O’s dismissal. Brian. Watson was reportedly not consulted before Texas GM hired Nick Casereo this month.

Adam Shifter from ESPN Since then That there was “a growing sense of people in and around the Texas organization that Deshawn Watson played his last shot of the team.”

Deshawn Watson has been a huge fan of The Post's back page since Monday morning.
Deshawn Watson has been a huge fan of The Post’s back page since Monday morning.

Watson tweeted last week, “I was number 2 and then I went to 10.” The phrasing was similar to an ESPN report that said Watson’s anger when trading recipient DeAndre Hopkins traded to the Cardinal in the latest out-of-competition season was “2” and is now escalating. Watson never officially requested the trade, According to Pro Football Talk.

If Watson wants out, the Jets is one of the teams – in terms of assets – that might be best positioned to land it. General Manager Joe Douglas rounded up 18 selection projects over the next two years, including four in the first round. Jets can also put midfielder Sam Darnold in any deal and have plenty of room to take on Watson for four years, spanning $ 156 million.

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If Watson’s social media is any indication, he might be open to wearing green.

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