Nintendo Switch Leak launches the next installment of the popular RPG

Nintendo Switch Leak launches the next installment of the popular RPG

It looks like the Nintendo Switch will receive a port of the relatively popular Action-RPG over the next month. The information comes via the official Nintendo website, although the game’s announcement has not been directly confirmed by the corresponding developer or publisher.

The specific aforementioned game that might come to Switch is a game Come Kingdom: Deliverance. The title was developed by Warhorse Studios and was first released on consoles and computers in 2018 but has not come to Switch since that time. Which way The kingdom is coming Leaked by switch Japanese Nintendo site Which lists the game as being released on the platform next month on February 18, 2021.

List Come Kingdom: Deliverance The Nintendo website is a bit strange in one major aspect. The game is specifically referred to as Royal EditionIt is a version of the game that did not reach other platforms. There’s a chance that this is the specific name for this port on the Switch, but it remains to be seen.

Also important to note this potential release is that assuming it’s real, it might not be a direct port. Some have mentioned that because The kingdom is coming When playing on CryEngine, it can be harder to bring to Switch than other games. However, in the past, Nintendo started giving users the option to play games over the cloud instead of downloading them locally to devices. One example is with control That was released on Switch last year But it could only run in the cloud. if The kingdom is coming Proving to be a challenging game to bring to the stage, Warhorse might choose to go this route instead.

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Obviously, if Come Kingdom: Deliverance Coming to the Switch next month, you can imagine we’ll get to know about it soon. If any other announcements are made regarding this new iteration of the game, we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop Here on

what about you? Will you be ready to play The kingdom is coming On the Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at Trustworthy If you want to talk more about all things Nintendo related.

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