How Alabama Team Members Responded to Devonta Smith’s Winning Heisman

How Alabama Team Members Responded to Devonta Smith's Winning Heisman

Stoic as ever, DeVonta Smith had a fresh introduction ahead of the CFP press conference Wednesday morning.

Now, throughout his life, the “Heisman Cup Winner” will precede his first and last name in such festive moments. After an emotional response to His victory Tuesday nightSmith held his face at a poker game and ignored any morning questions in the pre-scheduled media session to preview Monday’s game for the national title.

He said the whole experience was wonderful, “but this is in the past and now it’s in Ohio.”

In contrast to Heisman’s traditional win with a long night in Manhattan, Smith said he is back home and “slept straight” after his historic night.

Perhaps his Alabama team-mates were a little more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Third-placed midfielder Mac Jones said Smith was “a bit shocked” when his name was called up during the ceremony.

“It’s like a video game, man,” said Jones. “You’re there and you see your teammate win the Heisman Cup and you feel like this is just one of the coolest things you can do, is have a chance to be with him, especially in this crazy year. It was like this, and I’m just able to be the first person to kindly congratulate him.” What “.

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Jones was affected by the reaction of friends in the family who were watching from a distance in Amit, Louisiana. Quarterback notes that “the whole city really did exist” watching the broadcast with Smith’s parents.

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Jones was sitting directly next to Smith at that moment while fellow receiver John Michie watched ESPN from the house. The degree of his surprise was somewhat less.

“I said a long time ago that Smiti was the best player in college football this year,” Michi said. “So it was great to see him definitely win. I’m so proud of him.”

Tight end Miller Forristall was in a unique position during the ceremony as the current or former teammate of three finalists. Trevor Lawrence of Clemson was a classmate of high school in Cartersville, Georgia.

Forrestal said he described Smith as a fighter “in the absolute sense.” He kept fighting through everything that came his way and he is an amazing teammate.

“That’s how I described it to my high school coach that day,” Forrestal said. “He asked me about DeVonta Smith. He wanted to know – he’s the same high school coach as Trevor Lawrence. He’s gone, man, I want to take Trevor’s roots, but tell me about this guy from DeVonta Smith. I said he’s an amazing teammate and that’s something that sticks with me.” Not only a very talented man and a great player, but also a great teammate. “

Smith can also hold a medium poker face.

He ignored any questions about honor from the moment Heisman’s stock began its rise.

Don’t let this look fool you, the judgment is making him more enthusiastic than he might be driving.

“Yes, of course it is,” said attack man Alex Leatherwood. “He’s excited about Uber about it. He’s grateful. But there’s one thing about my toxicity. He’s a great player, but he’s better than a colleague and a person.”

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Jones smiled and looked back while he was playing with his team-mate.

Both were part of the recruiting category announced in 2017, although they weren’t in the headlines. The two return to the high school circuit when they first built the chemistry that made both legends in the unusual college football season of 2020.

Jones smiled as he looked at the extent to which they had reached the stage as participants in the Heisman Finals.

“I think of camps and things like that,” Jones said. “Me and my name were the thinnest players out there and they were throwing the ball at each other, so it kind of started there. But he worked hard and deserved everything that came his way.”

Part of this is a new title, such as Master, or Coach. Starting on Tuesday night, Smith will be the “Heisman Prize Winner …” and his peers love it.

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