Ray Fisher confirms that it was removed from the Flash movie

Ray Fisher confirms that it was removed from the Flash movie

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The battle between Justice Squad Superstar Ray Fisher and DC Films Chairman Walter Hamadeh has had yet another success … W.Hat, rush? rare? Hypnotic bump from conflict? Make a selection Tonight, Fisher also announced that he’s officially removed from his planned appearance as Victor “Cyborg” Stone In Andy Muschietti’s long reprimand flash Movie. This comes, not completelyPredictably, after a statement that Fisher made late last year, which he said He stated that he would They refuse to work on any film Hamada producedHamada is still hidden VDC FilmsSo yeah.

In a long and emotional post on Twitter, Fisher presented his problems with Hamada in language that is clearer so farAccusing him, on a phone call in June, By ignoring and trying to downplay the issues the actor faced with former DC Films chief Jeff Jones, whom Fisher accused, along with producer John Berg and director Joss Whedon, Racist Abusive behavior during take photo Justice Squad. This phone call – which also included, in Fisher’s description, a “self-aware, tasteless joke” about Hamada that he hopes will not end up on Fisher’s Twitter post –It appears to have been the origin of Fischer’s later claims that Hamada “threw” her happily [Whedon and Berg] Under the Bus “for Johns, which It was pushed hard by a statement by Warner Bros. in September.

Admittedly, most of the above Old news in this long and often mysterious story. Here’s where things get a lot more attractive, though: Fisher goes on to accuse Hamada of intentionally covering up Johns’ behavior, including accusations of tampering with a long-running third-party investigation into filming the film, which ended last month, but we did not share this with the audience. details. In his statement, Fisher – who assumes she has See the findings of the investigation –He claims to be investigating He was able to expose racist, coercive, and discriminatory behavior and retaliation against Jeff Jones during his tenure with WarnerMedia subsidiaries, as well as claim that it “resulted in a more immediate disconnect from the roads between WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon.” Again, we didn’t see any of the results of the investigation – all we got at the time was that WarnerMedia points to it. Corrective action Was taken-But the schedule Do you Poor map to … Weedon Suddenly leaving His HBO Max series Nevers Back in late November of 2020.

Fischer ended his statement by dubbing Hamadeh “unfit to drive,” and declared his willingness to take the polygraph to support any of his claims. WarnerMedia and DC Films have not yet responded – or even confirmed, yet, that Fisher is out of the film, Even though they did He was reportedly working on plans to write about it Sparkle For some time now.

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