It buys the Roku Quibi library, including shows that were never released, to stream for free

The Fugitive Premiere Quibi

WhichA (big) loss is Roku’s gain.

Eleven weeks after Quibi announced she would finish what turned out to be an eight-month experiment In broadcasting “quick bites” of TV and movie shows, Roku snatched up the short-lived service library of more than 75 programs.

Roku will be launching Quibi shows sometime this year, starting in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Among the acquired content was what Koebi called “movies in seasons,” including The most dangerous game Starring Liam Hemsworth, Flipped over Starring Will Forte, Caitlin Olson and When street lights are on Starring Chosen Jacobs. Additionally, there were regular TV series (such as Kiefer Sutherland led by Fugitive Reboots) and countless unwritten presentations (including Chrissy Court With “Judge” Chrissy Teigen).

As for “movies in the seasons,” in which feature films are streamed for eight minutes or so a day, Quibi gave the producers the right to recombine the episodes into films for distribution on other platforms.

But perhaps the interesting remote element here is that Roku will claim a few series that didn’t make their debut on Quibi. These, at our sister site variety, Included After dark SpielbergHorror series that was only available to watch when it was dark outside; Peter Farrelli right Now, About a suicidal man who must “learn to live life for today, in the present”; And the fight, A documentary series from MCU’s Russo Brothers that would chronicle the growth of comic books as an American art form.

Not Included in the Roku deal are the “Daily Essentials” news programs that never took off the way Quibi intended, given the pandemic.

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