How to use the new Chrome actions to increase your productivity

How to use the new Chrome actions to increase your productivity

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Chrome 87 brings with it a new very easy-to-use capability: Chrome Actions. Basically, it converts the browser’s address bar (or Square is omnibus) At the command prompt, So that you can access various tools and functions without having to delve into menus and navigate dialog boxes.

The trick is to know which actions are Chrome actions, although you’ll see suggestions for some pop-up as you type. Google says the feature is rolling out slowly, so you might not see it yet, but you can at least be sure to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome first by selecting Help Then About Google Chrome From the browser menu. (We summarize the currently available Chrome actions below, but there appears to be more on my way.)

Once you type a phrase, you should see the related action button below, which you will need to click to confirm (in our version of Chrome, At the very least, just typing the phrase and pressing Enter). Such as XDA Developers It indicates that each action can be triggered in many different ways.

Try these things in the omnibox with Chrome Actions enabled.

“Clear browsing data”

As you’d expect, this takes you directly to the browsing data popup, where you can clear your browsing history, cookies, and hosted data. And more. You can choose the types of data to clear, and you can choose how long you want to go back via Chrome history using the dropdown menu at the top.

You will be automatically taken to a file Developed In a dialog box, which gives you more control over the information you clear. Note that if you sync data between devices (like your browsing history), it will be wiped from all of your devices at once, so double check what you are deleting before clicking Clear data.

Individual Chrome actions can be formulated in a number of ways, but they all lead to the same shortcut. You can also type wipe cache, Ready data, Remove history, Erase information, “ History is clear,And “Delete History” to trigger this action, but it all leads to the same location within Chrome.

Password Manager

Chrome has evolved into A capable password manager in recent years, and you can use this text shortcut to quickly display all the passwords that the browser has saved. You will be taken to Your Master Password List, where you can search through the passwords you have Stored (using the box in the upper right corner) and check if any of your passwords have been compromised.

Click the eye icon next to any password to view the login credentials, or click the three dots next to any password to copy or remove it. When you try to reveal or interact with a password, you will need to enter the password for the user account on your computer To prove that you are the one who says you provide an extra layer of security.

Other phrases you can post here include “change your password,” Editing of credentials, Show passwords, Show password, Or ‘View Credentials’ – they’ll all show the same action button to the same screen.

An illustration of an article titled How to Use the New Chrome Actions to Increase Browser Productivity

A screen shot: Google Chrome

Payment Methods Management

Can chrome Store your card details and fill them in automatically when needed, and this shortcut gives you direct access to the list of saved cards. You can modify existing payment methods, add new ones, and more – basically, iT is the same choice Settings Then payment methods From the Chrome menu.

Editing any of your saved payment methods involves launching the Google Pay site, but it only takes a few clicks. You can also tell Chrome not to save your payment information after entering it on the web, and completely remove any of the listed cards and accounts if you don’t want to store them anymore.

You can display the same Chrome actions box with a variety of other commands, including “credit card modification,” Edit cards, Modernization payments, Change browser payments, Card management, And “save cards.”


One word is all it takes to show this particular action from Chrome, although there are other options. No doubt, you know how the Incognito mode works at this point: None of your browsing history is saved during Incognito mode, and Chrome will not permanently store cookies on your computer as well.

Also remember the limitations of the incognito mode, as it will continue to track you if you log into Facebook, Google, Amazon, or anywhere. The downloads are still saved, and your ISP will still know everything about the various sites you visit (unless you recruit VPN services).

You are It can be launched in a number of ways: write “A special window, Enter stealth mode, Start incognito mode, Start private mode, Open incognito mode, “Launch the private tab,”And the “Private Tab” (though You can’t actually have one private tab – it should always be a separate window.)

An illustration of an article titled How to Use the New Chrome Actions to Increase Browser Productivity

A screen shot: Google Chrome

“Translate this”

Google Chrome usually does a good job of translating pages into a foreign language on the go, but you can also display the translation popup on demand with this phrase. Chrome will try to discover the language the website was written in and will try It gives you the option to convert it to your default language.

If the languages ​​on the screen are not selected correctly, you can click the three dots to the right of the popup dialog to select the language you want to use. It is also possible to turn off subtitles completely for the page you are currently browsing.

Other ways you can show Chrome action button include typing “Change the language of the web page,” Page translation, Change language page, Browser translation page, Web page translation,And cTranslate hrome page.

Chrome update

We mentioned earlier how to check to be sure You are running the latest version of Google Browser, but this Chrome action makes the process more straightforward. It’s a good example of how these procedures can save you some time.

And theYou can see which version of Chrome you are currently running And update it if needed. Chrome is usually fine Its keep updated, but this is an easy-to-use backup.

Other commands that will work here are “Browser Update,” CHrome upgrade, Install the browser, Browser upgrade, The “Install G.”oogle cChrome. As long as your phrase is close to that, the action will appear.

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