Much of Higgs’ career for San Francisco

Much of Higgs’ career for San Francisco

Career heights were something of a subject for the 49 winners in their Week 16 win over the Cardinals. Many players score best in one game or hit high standards in their careers during San Francisco 20-12 wins.

Running back Jeff Wilson Jr. led a hard day’s quick attack from Team 49. He had 22 lunges attempting 183 yards. His previous best performance was a 112-yard performance against the Patriots in Week 7.

The quarterback CG Beatard was not a prolific in the air against the Cardinals. He completed 13 of his 22 throws at 182 yards, but managed to produce the three best touching passes of his career. He had previously thrown two touchdowns four times. This was the first time he had cast multiple landings in a game without interception.

Two San Francisco relegations came through full-back Kyle Gocek. His landing receptions were the first time in his eight-year career that he had a multi-touch game. Juszczyk also scored his career high in a single season with six goals, which is above his previous high of five in 2015.

Line-back Fred Warner made a big game as well, including a massive fourth pass in the fourth quarter to eliminate the Cardinals’ comeback attempt. Warner ended up with credit for three breakup attempts. This shows his previous highs of two which he did once in each of his two seasons.

San Francisco had three bags as a team, and each one represented a new career high for a player who scored. Keri Hider Jr. had one to give him an 8.5 for this season. This exceeds the 8.0 he published in the 2016 season.

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K’Waun Williams sprints from the corner to knock down Cardinals QB Kyler Murray. It was his second sack this season, and 2020 became the first time Williams had more than one sack in a year.

Defensive Intervention DJ Jones flew across the middle of the Cardinals’ attack line in his third bag this year. This shows a pre-season high of 2.0.

Although it was a disappointing year for the 49-year-olds, some of the club’s singles performances provided silver perks and helped them stay in competition in a year where not much has gone right.

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