Crack Introduction: Ravi Teja steals thunder

Crack Introduction: Ravi Teja steals thunder

After much anticipation, the makers of the upcoming film Crack released their stage segment on New Year’s Eve. Starring Ravi Teja as powerful police officer Pothuraju Veera Shankar, Gopichand Malineni promises to be a mass artist with loads of tumultuous moments to keep Ravi Teja fans cheerful.

The movie is about Ravi Teja locking horns with equally subtle characters played by Samuthirakhani, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and P Ravi Shankar. Venkatesh gives the lead to the protagonist in the beginning showing how badly these three people are.

“Ongole Nadi Roddu Meeda Nagnamgaa Nilabetti Navarandrallo Seesam Postha Naa Kodakaa,” Ravi Teja warns the main opponent, Samothirakhani. The trailer contains a few other strong conversations that Ravi Teja has said.

The trailer covered a romantic part as well and Shruti Hassan looks lovely and looks like she has grown into the songs. However, Ravi Teja steals the thunder with his stunning show.

The trailer promises that the movie is made to high artistic standards. Be it sound design, cinematography or editing, all technical aspects take storytelling to the next level. Sai Madhav Pura’s dialogues are well written.

Ravi Teja, Gopichand Malineni, and Tagore Madhu seem to have a potential winner because everyone who has seen the trailer will look forward to seeing Ravi Teja in action.

Krack arrives as Sankranthi’s special attraction.

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