Bloodborne is remake as a PS1 game

Bloodborne is remake as a PS1 game

While we wait for news about a Next-generation potential And the PC version of Bloodborne, one was imagining a different kind of remake of the Action and adventure game. A developer turns from gothic to software A game like souls Something for the original PlayStation.

This version comes from developer Lilith Walther, who has been toiling about making Bloodborne look like 3D Horror game From about 1997. She’s been sharing Twitter clips of the project until now, looking at various aspects of Bloodborne, and illustrating the changes needed to take something that was cutting edge only a few years ago and make it technology-friendly nearly three decades old.

She’s not the first to break down Bloodborne in this way, Yarntown Developer Max Mraz has turned an open-world game into a top-down Zelda-like game, but Walther’s work has an interesting perspective. The obvious contradiction is the distance traveled, and that distinct PlayStation haze is common, making confrontations even more dangerous. Visceral attacks cause a certain amount of damage, and you get a large R1 code when it’s available. Walther was regularly threading about features as they added, from memorizing points to your hunter’s voice.

This is another game in a long line of debriefings that explore different games with different pallets, mechanics, and genres. In addition to Yarntown, we have the Disco Heaven on Game BoyAnd the Mortal Obsession on Game BoyAnd and Super Smash Bros on NES.

Walther is working on a JRPG called Witch, with Heartstrings Studios, set for release in 2022. More information on that here. We still hope for that Bloodborne computer port, And these fan projects make anticipating a little easier.

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