Will Deshaun Watson ask for a deal?

Will Deshaun Watson ask for a deal?

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Texas suggested that They will listen To quarterback Deshawn Watson When hiring a coach. But what if they finally don’t hire the person they’d like to be trained by?

Rumors were already circulating, and we had already heard it from several different people, that Watson was quietly touching on his team mates the possibility of requesting a deal. If this happens, it may just be a strategic effort to ensure that his views are respected through ownership. Regardless, he raises the stakes, crosses the bridge and potentially sets the groundwork for Watson to eventually decide that he wishes to pursue his career elsewhere.

We can already hear the reaction. “He just signed a new contract, the cap fee is going to be a handicap!

Take a look at the contract. His trade will result in a charge of $ 21.6 million. The Herschel-sized draw from the draft choices that Deshaun Watson’s trade would generate would be more than justified.

It’s too early to think about where it’s likely to be traded. It’s never too early to make a list of the bands you’ll likely cry out for. Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Raiders, Broncos, Washington Eagles, Bears, Lions, Saints, Panthers, Hawks, Pirates (IF Tom Brady One has been), and the most obvious is the 49ers.

The other rooftop teams that do not need a midfielder would be wise to at least consider the possibility of an upgrade.

When the Texas team decides to pick their next coach (and presumably someone Bob Lamonti represents, for reasons that will be addressed later today), watch the possibility that Watson responds by announcing privately, and perhaps publicly, that he’s ready to go ahead and walk out.

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