“We are in a worse condition today than we were before he came.”

"We are in a worse condition today than we were before he came."

Washington – Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who President Donald Trump was reportedly once described as a “moron” behind closed doorsNow, it officially detracts from his former boss’s understanding of foreign and domestic affairs.

“His understanding of world events, his understanding of world history, and his understanding of United States history were really limited,” said the former Exxon Mobil president. Tell Foreign Policy Magazine in an interview released this week.

Texas added: “It’s really hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t even understand why we’re talking about this.”

There was no love lost between Tillerson and Trump, especially after the president sacked his secretary of state via Twitter. Trump card He criticized Texas as “stupid as a rock” and “lazy as hell” While Tillerson Trump has been described as a “undisciplined” leader who “does not like to read.”

But so far, Tillerson hasn’t quite detailed his frustration.

“I used to go to meetings with a list of four to five things I needed to talk to him about, and I quickly learned that if I got to three, it would be a home race, and I realized that getting two meaningful was probably the best goal.” Tell Foreign Policy.

He explained that he “started taking the diagrams and pictures with me because I found those pictures seemed to capture his attention better.”

“If I can put a picture or a picture in front of him or a map or a piece of paper with two big dots on it, he’ll focus on that, and I can build on that,” Tillerson told the port. “Just sitting down and trying to have a conversation like you and I just doesn’t work.”

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Requested by Foreign Policy How Trump Made Informed Decisions If the president is having difficulty concentrating during briefings and does not read the briefing materials, Tillerson did not hesitate.

He said “Well that’s the key.” “I’m not sure many of these decisions were well thought out.”

The meeting with Foreign Policy It was taken before Trump instigated a mob to march through the Capitol – an event that this week prompted the House of Representatives to impeach the president for a second time. Looking at the magazine’s audience, the conversation focused almost exclusively on foreign affairs.

But even only on the global stage, Tillerson offered a bleak assessment of Trump’s approach, expressing bewilderment at the president’s tendency to criticize allies and stick to authoritarian regimes.

He said, “Nothing worked.”

Tillerson said the United States “missed our best chance on North Korea.” “We haven’t accomplished anything,” he said with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He added that the United States “has no place with China in terms of national security.”

“We are in a worse position today than we were before he came, and I didn’t think that was possible,” Tillerson said.

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