Power cuts plunge Pakistan into darkness

Power cuts plunge Pakistan into darkness
Pakistani Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan: “The power cuts across the country were caused by a sudden drop in frequency in the power transmission system.” He said On Twitter. People across the country were asked to remain calm.

This is the most common blackout in Pakistan since 2015.

And the Ministry of Energy said in a statement: According to a preliminary reportThere has been a malfunction at the Guddu Thermal Power Station in Sindh province, southern Pakistan, causing power stations across the country to shut down.

In Karachi, eyewitnesses reported seeing long queues at petrol stations as people rushed to buy gasoline for their home generators, which were running all night.

Akbar Saifi, a resident, said, “There are long lines outside the petrol pumps in the city, cars queuing while people buy fuel for their backup generators. I was in line, people waited for hours while carrying petrol cans.” In Karachi.

Efforts are underway to restore power to various parts of the country. Vast swaths of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, are still short of energy, according to information provided by K-Electric, the company that powers the city.

6:44 PM Local time on Sunday, Energy Minister Omar Ayoub Khan tweeted that electricity had been restored to large parts of the capital, Islamabad.

Abdullah Khan, a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines, the main airline in Pakistan, said all flight operations were still operating despite power cuts.

“All the major airports in the country have backup generators,” he said.

Power outages are common in Pakistan, and most hospitals, airports and other institutions have their own generators. Those who can afford to keep petrol generators in their homes in the event of a power outage.

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Reuters also contributed to this story.

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