“We still have high hopes”

“We still have high hopes”

Will the Denver Bronco stick to Drew Lock as the midfielder in 2021? This is arguably the most important question on the minds of all Broncos Country members as the team heads into Week 17 to take on Las Vegas Raiders.

Although GM expected to answer this question definitively at its annual end-of-season press conference next Monday, some fans believe he got his hand on the Lock issue, perhaps unintentionally, when he sat down with the team’s website for him weekly. Getting to Elway Turns out.

Drew showed some flashes. He was clearly very inconsistent however [he] Show some flashes, ” Elway told Phil Melanie. “We still have high hopes on Drew that with a good off-season, a lot of hard off-season work, and a lot of movie study, he can return to be a very good midfielder in this league.”

Elway believes the Broncos have a knack for spades. the problem? Lack of experience. But this was a gap that these young Broncos may have filled in the attrition war that was the 2020 season.

“You look at the list, we think there are a lot of good young footballers,” Elwai said.

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Elway has encouraged late in-game Lock tournaments at various points this season. Luke brought the Broncos back from a 21-point deficit in the second half to defeat the Chargers in Week 8, and he almost repeated the same feat the following week in Atlanta, but came shy.

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Last week in Los Angeles, Luke drove back to hook the charger less than four minutes before play. If Vic Fangio’s defense stops, Lock gets another legitimate opportunity to drive down for a field goal that wins the game. Instead, Broncos led Justin Herbert to the landing and kill the watch while he was getting what turned out to be the crucial field goal.

Lock regained the ball, but with 40 seconds remaining. After Jerry Judy dropped his fifth pass of the day on a dime down the left seam that would have put the Broncos into the Chargers’ area with about half that time remaining, all Locke could do was get Mary’s chill from midfield like the final match looked like Venice. Which was chosen by DB Mike Williams.

However, even though Locke intercepted the red zone upon opening possession, he flashed again late, taking the role in putting the Broncos in a position to win or at least send the match into overtime. These flashes, despite ups and downs, are what continue to impress Elway, giving GM-turned Hall-of-Fame QB hope Locke can turn around.

“This is the part of him that you see – quarterback, this is his responsibility, to win soccer matches,” Elway said of Locke’s tournaments late in the match. “We’ve seen Drew do that a few times this year. He did it against the Chargers earlier in the year when we managed to beat them 31-30 at Mile High. He has that ability and I think that’s a good sign Drew and the fact that it’s a good thing to build trust for the rest.” The team knows that as long as the match is close, we have a chance to win it. No matter how much time is left. “

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The final official question about whether Locke will be given one last chance to be The Guy won’t be answered until Monday at the earliest. But I tend to agree with fans who have interpreted Elway’s notes on the team’s website Thursday as a Freudian slip of sorts, revealing GM’s true stance on Lock for 2021.

This is not to say that the Broncos will not be manipulating QB’s position this off-season. I could see Denver sign a true and faithful maven of failure to come and on one hand, Mentor Locke, while also being good enough to keep his feet on fire competitively.

For now, the Broncos are hoping for a win on Sunday versus the Raiders to close the season. Even if that means a slight decrease in draft order for 2021. We’re talking about Elway and the hated invaders, after all. This win could just be a boost Broncos could use to send them off-season with modest momentum.

“I think it will,” Elway said. “We are always looking to play with more consistency, to be smarter with football, not to turn the ball and give ourselves a chance to win. I think that was our hope every week, is to be consistent, and play with our team. The possibility of putting together a full match.” Really, against a good soccer team too … But it would be nice if we end our year with a good, solid soccer game and head out with a win where it leads us to Ephesus with a better taste in our mouths. “

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