The developer explains to us why the updates have taken so long

The developer explains to us why the updates have taken so long
Among us, developer Innersloth released a development record, promising a 2021 content roadmap and explaining why game updates have taken longer than expected. Innersloth BlogThe massive and surprising success of Between Us led to major changes to the game – not the least of which was the cancellation of a sequel in favor of updates to the original. Less obviously, the game’s popularity has led to a lot of change behind the scenes, and Innersloth has devised a way to work on the game and its updates in a more sustainable way as a result: “We had to spend just two months restructuring, discovering new processes, and getting outside partners to help us manage on board. As stated in the blog.

“If we want this to work in the long term and hiring, we need to simplify things. It all works behind the scenes, and while that means spending time away from the game, it will make it easier for us now and in the future to develop the game better,” adds Enersloth. “We want to do more for you to show you how grateful we are, but without sacrificing the quality and values ​​we had before this explosion.” It is clear that the small team is now heading to work on new content for the game and make sure to transfer it to new platforms in the near future.

As for what will happen now that a lot of this work has been done, Innersloth says it will soon release a 2021 roadmap. The developer notes that he was hoping to release the game’s planned “accounts” system earlier, but the first update focusing on moderation is coming sooner. Possible time, which will build the basis for this update. In the end, Innersloth “wanted to make sure it wasn’t half cooked before implementation. (Trust me – you don’t want a bad reporting system without accountability behind it.”

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As revealed during The Game Awards 2020, a new Airship Map will appear in Between Us in early 2021, and the game will also be launched on Xbox this year. In other news from among us, the game recently reached the top of popular searches on Google for 2020.

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