Taco Bell works with Beyond Meat to create a new vegan protein

Taco Bell works with Beyond Meat to create a new vegan protein

Starting later this year, Taco Bell will launch Test the dish beyond meat In its restaurants. The chain did not say what the aforementioned dish would look like but claimed it would not be the usual planet-based alternative that it has seen from other restaurants as it will work with Beyond Meat to develop the protein. “I would say it’s going to be unique to the things I’ve seen elsewhere, so we’re definitely going to put our innovation in Taco Bell and spin it around,” Liz Matthews, Chief Global Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell Tell CNBC.

If you’ve been following the expansion of Beyond Meat (and Impossible Foods), you’ll know Taco Bell is late in the game. Some of its competitors are like Kentucky And the McDonald’s, Vegan meat alternatives have been tested since at least 2019. But it’s still an important advertisement from the series, especially as it works to get vegans back. During the summer Taco Bell Cut out eight elements, Including vegan favorites like Mexican pizza, from its menu to streamline its operations during the pandemic. That’s why, before Beyond Meat was introduced, the company was returning potatoes on March 11th. Not every dish of sliced ​​potatoes comes back, but you’ll be able to order more popular dishes like the spicy potato taco.

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