Steelers’ Growth Training Purge by HC Mike Tomlin

Steelers’ Growth Training Purge by HC Mike Tomlin

One constant of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during his tenure with the Steelers was an almost level of impossibility to change him. Be it on the micro-level inside a game or larger philosophical things, Tomlin has historically been unwilling to adapt.

Instead, we sat at a press conference after a press conference where Tomlin talks about implementation and there’s no need for major changes. But all of this appears to be about to change.

There is a real possibility that, based on recent events, the Steelers could replace up to six assistant coaches this out of season. This might sound unusual in season 12-4. But when you think about the extent of this team’s downfall in the last six games including the loss in the first round of qualifiers, it puts the season in place, especially as the start is 11-0.

But today’s announcement gives hope that Tomlin is growing as a coach. He finally admitted that it was time to draw this team into the present with fresh ideas and new concepts. A new perspective on the game could not be coming soon.

However, it is also about self-preservation. Tomlin understands the past 10 years, and his performance has not lived up to the expectations of the fan base and this franchise. Tomlin has a chance to save his legacy and even build on it and these moves will determine how Tomlin is remembered.

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