Seahawks’ attack “flat” in the second half against Ramez

Seahawks' attack "flat" in the second half against Ramez

Just months after the justification calls from the Peanut Show to “Let Russ Cook,” Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks appeared perfectly cooked on Saturday night.

In Seattle 20-30 unruly loss To the band’s rival Los Angeles Rams, the Seahawks mustered 11 first touchdowns and 278 total yards against the LA and only diverted 2 of the 14 attempts down.

Seattle was still in the ball game in the second half despite its paltry production. But after scoring a field goal and cutting Los Angeles’ lead to three in the first round of the third quarter, Seattle then sprinted in four straight bursts, moving the ball just 21 yards in 17 matches, picking up only the first two touchdowns and never reaching the midfield. Meanwhile, Los Angeles and Jared Gove boosted their lead from three points to 17. All this, while Rams’ defender star, Aaron Donald, was out of action due to a rib injury.

Wilson & Co. failed to take advantage of Donald’s absence and wake up to the attack until it was too late in the fourth quarter.

“We needed to go there,” Wilson said, In the Seattle Times. “The game just seemed to be out of date to us in some way – we were kind of settled. We needed to go ahead and make it happen. And the next thing you know, we didn’t.”

Much of the blame could be blamed on Seattle’s line of attack, which allowed Wilson to be squeezed into the worst season with 43.8 percent of plays. But for a QB who has handled the pressure in his pocket and out of it well throughout his career, that’s no excuse.

“I clearly hate that feeling,” Wilson said. “We felt we had a chance today … I wish we could win everything, and we didn’t.”

Wilson and Seahawks looked destined for glory early in the season. When Seattle knocked out 5-0, calls increased for Wilson to be on top of the MVP conversation, which is justified; Wilson had completed 72.8 percent of his passes and boosted his 19-3 TD-to-INT ratio in a team leading the NFC Ranking.

But then transformations came in large numbers, losses soon followed, and the Seattle crime did not return to its promise of success early in the season.

Instead of cooking a Super Bowl, the Seahawks return home in early January for the second time in three seasons and miss the main NFC game for the third time in a row in the post-season period.

“We should be better,” Wilson said. “We have to find ways to win these kinds of confrontations.”

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