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Episode |Episode 2(January 15, 2021)

Performance During the first two episodes of the Disney + Marvel series, there is not a single cast member did not We were impressed by their commitment to the retro sitcom style. Elizabeth Olsen is wonderful because this alternate universe Wanda, Katherine Hahn and Tiona Paris, among others, make excellent additions to the Marvel universe.

But through his bold physical comedy and the breakout performance of “Drunk,” Bettany has captured our attention more in WandaVisionthe second episode. Setup was simple: in fascinated– Outing skit, Vision accidentally swallowed a piece of big red gum, causing his inner compositional cogs. The result, perhaps in the funniest scene WandaVisionThe first appearance for the two-episode series was Vision acting as if he had dropped five alcoholic drinks, all while he and Wanda attempted to perform a magical act of talent show in the neighborhood.

Betany’s sitcom replication of Vision is really different from the Marvel character we’ve known, as idiotic and lively as it is in this bizarre TV world. But figuring the fruits on gum was a bigger departure, and Bethany turned to it at every opportunity. It’s hard to say which aspect of the performance tickled us the most: a stupid vision stumbling around the stage (“Me And therefore Sorry, excuse me, ”he said to the staircase railing after crashing); his hysterical frustration at not being able to find his friend’s playing card from the deck; or the way the vision inexplicably overlapped,“ The puzzle cabinet! ”While introducing him to his latest work and Wanda.

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Given the unsettling nature of the sitcom life in Wanda and Vision, there’s no doubt that more dramatic material is coming for Bethany and Olsen. But in the meantime, Bettany’s spirited comedic performance was utterly delightful, bringing in a nostalgic magic we’d never expected from the Marvel series.

Kind warning We won’t hear “Take me outside to the ball game” the same way again a week later this week Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, Which used melody as a soundtrack for the first time for Max and Zoey together. The absurdity of the moment increased Skyler AstinHis startling and hilarious performance was as Max realized he had inadvertently cut from the classic baseball song to the smooth sounds of Boyz II men’s song “I Will Make Love for You”. Astin paid in between the two violently With different musical numbers, while he expresses his character’s frustration at his predicament through a comedic glow he has made us in stitches. Astin then brought a nicely weak characteristic to Max’s concerns about Zoe’s powers, leading the pair to perform a swooning duet from “A Moment Like This”. These are three song numbers, countless laughs and one touching confession, all of which Astin performed admirably during their seven-minute group. Unusual, really.

NCIS LAHonorable Mention | Nobody – I repeat, no one – likes to see “Party Marty” feel defeated. But we are Act Enjoy the performance Deeks derives from NCIS: Los AngelesEric Christian Olsen. After a rough day at FLETC, where Gramps felt his age among the younger trainees, the Deeks squeaked onto the phone with Kensi. “I’m not going to lie, baby – I am really suffering,” he said, as he reported, as Olsen was dealing with an altered ego that is rarely seen. Summing up the multi-faceted reality check dealt with this season, he said sadly, “It’s like this bus that comes out of nowhere and hits you, robbing you of your energy, your youth, your work, your bar and … manhood.” Kinsey hardly knew what to say, hearing it like These pivots, but reminding her that “there’s no crying at FLETC” brought back the Deeks’ sunny smile, even for a moment.

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Law and order: SVUHonorable Mention | Law and order: SVUThe mission of “#BroadwayOnSVU”, for New York theater actors who have been cast as an unemployed guest due to the pandemic, this week saw a pair of Tony’s nominees – Eva Noblzada (Hudstown) And the Alex Brightman (BeetlejuiceExploring the Plight of a Camera Girl whose “Magician” role has taken a dark turn. Noblesada’s Zoe was filming “Kendra Dream” when Brightman Gabe, a longtime fan, invaded her apartment and raped her. Gabby insisted that there was a real “relationship” between him and Zoe, which Benson and Co. had broached – and worse still, he was acting as his lawyer – setting the stage for nerve-wracking confrontations as Noblesada made us feel Zoe’s frequent sense of abuse, as Brightman alternated between paralegal Foxy and Kreten disappointed. When, during the cross, Zoe refused to read Kendra’s “love” declaration, Noblesada made us praise her fortitude, while the Brightman eruption that followed still shivered.

What’s the performance (s) that knocked your socks off this week? Tell us in the comments!

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