Now is the time to hold on

Now is the time to hold on

Bell from Maple Grove, Minnesota

I was one of William Penn’s main Snacks Masters. Besides being a good footballer, he is a good person. He returns to Ocaluosa, Iowa, every year for a father-daughter banquet.

Are you serious, Bill? What a small world. Move over, Kevin Bacon. Six real Insider Inbox scores.

Time to call Jared Feldher?

Unfortunately, he currently resides at Lucas Oil Stadium. Packers have capable reserves, and the flexibility of Elgton Jenkins and Billy Turner keeps all options on the table. People keep wondering what assertive would do without Bakhtiari. I really don’t know because of the number of different ways they can organize the Five Starts.

David Bakhtiari’s knee injury reminded me that when I watch football in college, it seems like every attacking man wears a knee brace in every game. When I watch the NFL, I rarely notice an O-linman wearing a knee brace. Is there a fundamental reason that not all NFL attacking men do not wear knee braces during matches? Do they wear them in practice?

Knee Brace Questions … I knew you’d come.

Wes is from South Saint Paul, Minnesota

Just a note. It’s great to see Jordan’s love with a headphone and standing with a coach who listens, studies, and watches. Those who questioned the choice should bear in mind that this young man is also under great pressure. Two HOF midfielders are expected to follow on the first ballot, something that QB youths do not encounter, if any.

Paul is from London, Ontario

Good morning, Mike / Weiss. We all know Aaron Rodgers is in the MVP season with his phenomenal pass numbers, but how much credit does he also deserve for his running game success? Threatening his arm is great to be sure, but how many line tweaks and RPO calls / changes does he make during the game?

I think they complement each other, not unlike what was the case in 2014 when he was the best player and Eddie Lacey was one of the best soccer players in the NFL. It’s impossible to say how many RPOs Rodgers shoots a game, but he has a high hit rate when it comes to attacking in the best possible game with RPOs – and players have improved at that as the season progresses.

Dan is from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Am I the only one looking at AJ Dillon and having fond memories of John Brockington, or am I an old man?

Best word “experienced.”

Ignacio is from Madrid, Spain

Good morning Wes / Mike. I remember amazing Larry Rock Report (“Best Play Ever”) After the Saints about a pass played to the narrow end, with fake running (and OL) back to one side, and Rodgers rolling from the pocket to the other side. It surprises me how unstoppable this play is. I just think this is the perfect play. We’ve done it 20 times and always got the first. I feel like every Rock Report I watch I learn something new about ML Team.

Happy New Year II. Comment and question. It is just devastating news to hear about Bakhtiari. This injury will hold him back next season, but we all hope he’s recovering not just to get back on the field but because he looks like the type I can have a beer with. If you get the chance, please let him know that your inbox readers are pulling him. Do you think the bears would plan and plan differently now because they know he won’t be playing? Will this work for us or for them?

They might throw some stunts on this side of the offensive line but I don’t think you’ll see anything violent. Mac’s Khali is usually lined up on the other side of the right intervention anyway.

Linda of Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Is there a better way to start the new year than beating the bears?

I can’t think of a better way to start the game tour.

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