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NFL Playoff Scenario Tracker |  FOX Sports

Just a few hours and the NFL 2020 playoff photo will be crystal clear.

For now, though, there is still a little bit of air in the air. Let’s take a look at how the post-season shaped after the early window of games at Week 17, Inside Out.

AFC Playoff Photo

Who is currently:
1. The Presidents of Kansas City (Grab one seed goodbye to the first round)
2. Buffalo bills (Deduction of 2 seeds)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (Snatched 3 rankings and will face Cleveland on the Wild Card Tour)
4. Tennessee Titans (He will grab 4 seeds with a win or lose the colts)
5. Baltimore Ravens (Grabbed 5 seeds)
6. Cleveland Browns (Snatched 6 rankings and will face Pittsburgh on the Wild Card Tour)
7. to be announced later on

Who is still alive:
Indianapolis Colts (snatched the playoff pier with a win)
Miami Dolphins (snatched playoff with losing colts)

Tennessee Titans against. Houston Texas

what do you mean: The Titans will win the South Asia title and clinch the No. 4 spot. Tennessee grabbed the playoff berth due to the loss of the Dolphins.

Jacksonville Jaguars against. Indianapolis Colts

what do you mean: The Colts will win the South AFC Asian Cup and clinch the No. 4 seed with a titanic win and loss against Texas. Instead, seventh seed Indianapolis (the last Wild Card dock) would clinch a win if the Titans won. Colts are disposed of with a loss.

Buffalo bills against. Miami Dolphin

calendar: 35 bills, dolphins 13
what do you mean: Bels snatched the second seed in the AFC by winning and locked the Steelers into the third seed. Dolphins need to lose Indianapolis to snatch the seven seeds.

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Baltimore crows against. Cincinnati Bengals

calendar: Ravens 38, Bengals 3
what do you mean: Fifth-seeded Ravens (highest wild card center) team snatched in the AFC with a win and a loss to Miami.

Cleveland Browns against. Pittsburgh Steelers

calendar: Browns 24, Steelers 22
what do you mean: Sixth seed Brown (second wildcard berth) snatched in the AFC with a victory by 5th seeded Ravens with a win for Baltimore.

NFC Playoff Photo

Who is currently:
1. Green Bay Packers
(The No. 1 seed will take a win against the Bears or a loss for Seahawks for 49 players)
2. New Orleans Saints (He will clinch the Rank 2 with a win and a loss for Packers or a loss for Seahawks; can snatch one seed by a win, Packers lose, and Seahawks win)
3. Seattle Seahawks (Grab at least 3 seeds; 2 seeds will win with a win, Saints win and Packers lose or win, Packers win and Saints lose; 1 seed will be snatched with a win, Packers lose and Saints lose)
4. Washington soccer team (He will snatch 4 seeds with a win)
5. Tampa Bay Pirates (Grabbed 5 seeds)
6. Los Angeles Rams (You will snatch the play-off berth by winning or losing the bears)
7. Chicago Bears (Will clinch the playoff deck by winning or losing the Cardinals)

Who is still alive:
Arizona Cardinals (to take the playoff berth with a win)
New York Giants (will get the playoff platform at a loss for Washington)

Green Bay Packers against. Chicago Bears

what do you mean: The Packers will clinch the first seed in NFC with a win. With the loss, Green Bay could still clinch the No. 2 seed with a loss for the Saints and a win for the Seahawks. The NFC ranked 7 (the last Wild Card dock) bears will clinch a win.

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New Orleans Saints against. Carolina Panthers

what do you mean: The NFC-ranked Saints will win. New Orleans top seed will clinch a win, the Packers lose and the Seahawks win.

Seattle Seahawks against. San Francisco 49ers

what do you mean: NFC-ranked 2nd-ranked Seahawks will win, Packers win, Saints win or Win, Saints win and Packers lose. Seahawks will clinch the first seed with a victory or a loss for the Packers and a loss for the Saints.

Arizona Cardinals against. Los Angeles Rams

what do you mean: Either the Cardinal or Rams clinch the playoff berth with a win.

Washington Soccer Team against. Philadelphia Eagles

what do you mean: Washington will win NFC East and take NFC No. 4 with a win.

New York Giants against. Cowboys in Dallas

calendar: Giants 23, Cowboy 19
what do you mean: Cowboys are eliminated with the loss. It would snatch the fourth-ranked Giants if Washington lost to the Eagles.

Tampa Bay Pirates against. Atlanta Falcons

calendar: Pirates 44, Falcons 27
what do you mean: The 5-ranked Buccaneers (highest Wild Card Dock) snatched in NFC with a win.

This is a developing story.

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