John Calipari asks fans to support BJ Boston amid recession

To say that BJ Boston is in recession is an understatement. The top five recruit fought back tonight, clocking 3-9 6-point shots in 27 minutes. It was the first match that Boston had not scored in double figures in Kentucky, and at some point in the first half, Rob was booed after he missed a shot. John Calipari ended the post-match press by asking fans to support Boston They direct their frustration to him instead.

“We need our fans to fully support BJ. I don’t know why anyone is bad for anyone. If you want to be bad, be bad with me. That’s my fault. Don’t be bad with him. I’m the one who put him in the game. So, if you’re angry, just Be angry with me Stay positive Everyone left Devin alone When Devin struggled early on, no one was involved with Devin.Our fans left him alone and let him do whatever he wanted and look where Devin is now.Now I say the same thing.

“Our fans were not bad in BJ. They were good because they are good people. They are not bad. They are not trolls. This is not who they are. Now, you’ll see him start coming – and you know what? You’ll feel like you’ve played a part in it.”

To be clear, Calipari was not happy with Boston’s performance tonight either, telling reporters that he knocked Boston out of the last seven minutes of the match not because of his attack, but because of his defense.

“We can lie to the kids or we can make it real. If someone plays better than you and is tougher than you, they will be there, especially in the last 5-8 minutes of the game. It’s just how it is. And he knows that. So I told him, when I brought him out, I told him: Oh man, be proud of your defense. They just come to you. He will. He is an amazing player. “

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Calipari added: “I do not give up on any player and believe in BJ.” “We worked on BJ to play a certain way but he’ll come back to what he knows well, those twists. Don’t spoil. I told him, ‘All the things we’ve been working on, you’ve done nothing of them today.’ I expected him to play a big game today because he was so good at Practice, very good in individuals. All things, it stops in the aisle and only one or two stops, little float and he has two or three chances and tries to turn the balls. But he will get it and I believe in him. “

Last night on his call show, Calipari said he had a player staying at his home, and on tonight’s broadcast, Tom Hart confirmed it was Boston. After the match, Calipari mentioned again how difficult this season was for players, who have been robbed of the best parts of being Kentucky Wildcat due to the pandemic.

Do you know how difficult this is? What about not having them get the chance to play in front of 24,000. Do you know how much this team will need to? Do you understand that all of these things, we didn’t have team building and the things that happen, and then emotionally – and our fans were amazing. They bury the kids. They were very positive with them but you can tell these things are piling up and now, I don’t want him to put in too much pressure. Devin did it early. I had to say, ‘Come on, man, back off. I believe in you but no You can be in your mindset, every basket is life and death. You cannot play ball. “

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Olivier Sarr and Davion Mintz both said they know Boston’s time is coming, praising the fresh student’s tireless work ethic.

“We are just asking him to continue on the path,” Sarr said. “He’s coming. He works hard, harder than everyone else. He’s in the gym. I think it’s only a matter of time and I know it’s coming for him. We trust him because every day we see what he can do in practice. It’s just a matter of time.” , Honestly “.

“Keep doing the same things,” Mintz said of his advice to his younger teammate. “BJ is always in the gym. This is the part people don’t see. We understand that he might not be doing his best but he’s still a beginner. He’s still growing. But BJ is in the gym all the time and in the end it pays off. It always pays off. He just keeps doing the same. He keeps staying with the coaches. He will soon fall his way. All he can do now is be patient with his game. “

Hang on there, bj.

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