Dwayne Johnson Releases Young Rock Trailer on Instagram: Every Hero Has Their Origin Story

Dwayne Johnson Releases Young Rock Trailer on Instagram: Every Hero Has Their Origin Story

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” He returns to the small screen with the help of NBC.

Aged 48 star He premiered the trailer for his upcoming biography TV programYoung Rock on his site Instagram Saturday.

Johnson’s new show will be a comedy series that narrates three different stages of his life.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your first look at nbcyoungrock,” he wrote to 212 million followers on Instagram. “I really wish my dad was there to see this. Ma’an would have been proud.”

Johnson’s father, famous wrestler Rocky Johnson, passed away a year ago at the age of 75.

“Each hero has an origin story, but not a complete mustache at age 15,” the narrator begins the cross section dramatically in 40 seconds. “It’s the true life story of The Rock.”

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In one part of the trailer, fans can watch the teenage Johnson played by Bradley Constant telling the girl his name is Thomas because he thinks he looks cooler than Dwayne.

Other snapshots show Johnson (Adrian Groleks) a pre-teens flexing his muscles in the gym alongside his TV father (Joseph Lee Anderson) and an adult Johnson (Olly Latukevo) walking down the hallway.


The trailer even shows that a pre-teen Johnson had a penchant for tequila as the early young man tried to order a cocktail while he was having dinner with his parents.

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Johnson provided additional insight into Young Rock in A. Separate Instagram post.

He wrote: “I appreciate all your early hype on the nbcyoungrock comedy on NBC about all this crazy nonsense that my life has been up to over the years.” “From my growing up in the wild (and killer) professional wrestling world in the early 1980s to being accused of being a high school undercover cop at age 15 because I was already 6’4,220 pounds with my entire Magnum B mustache and driving my car.”

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Young Rock will begin broadcasting on NBC on February 16th. It will also broadcast on NBC’s Peacock Service.

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