Consider the state of Ravens’ salary cap for 2021

Consider the state of Ravens' salary cap for 2021

MacFarland admits this is an early drop, but gives a pretty good idea of ​​what he expects Ravens to work with this off-season. There are a lot of factors that will play into the salary cap space over the next few months, but it’s time to put the brakes on your free agent spending spree.

Ravens are not usually ranked among league pioneers in cover space, but MacFarland indicated that there are ways to create more. This could include extensions, issues, deals, or restructurings.

It may also lead to the possibility of contracting players on shorter deals, “proving this” as we’ve seen Baltimore doing in the past.

“[N]”The Ravens, like most NFL teams, will have to make difficult decisions about their rosters – and may release some players who would rather keep them otherwise,” MacFarland wrote. The Ravens front desk will likely use a combination of the aforementioned maneuvers to create the required Cap space to meet the team’s pressing needs. While it will be tough for the Ravens, there are definitely a lot of teams out there that are much worse off than the Ravens. At least that bodes well for crows.

“As always, the months of February, March and April will again be an interesting time for the Ravens as they look to adjust their roster in hopes of finally breaking the hump and reaching the Super Bowl.”

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