1-Minute Trailer for the Perseverance Mars Landing Previews an amazing experience

1-Minute Trailer for the Perseverance Mars Landing Previews an amazing experience

It wasn’t long before the most ambitious mission that humans sent to another planet reached its destination. On February 18th, the world will watch in amazement the landing of the persistent rover on Jizero Crater, and we hope it opens a whole new chapter in space exploration.

And because there are so many cameras on board (23 of them, the largest possible of any interplanetary mission ever), we’ll be able to test everything for the landing in high definition – not in real time, right, but still raw, as sent Millions of miles away.

To give us a taste of what we are about to see, US Space Agency A short teaser trailer for the landing was released in December, and even if the third-person approach we see here wasn’t what we’d actually get (all 23 cameras in the rover and its landing craft, not on the planet or in space capture the moment) Still, great experience – see for yourself below.

NASA is planning to make a reality Scene From landing next month. To this end, it will try to attract the world’s attention through the mission’s website, as all photos will be published as soon as they arrive.

“We are working on our latest modifications to put Perseverance in a perfect position to land in one of the most interesting places on Mars,” Fernando Abelera said in a statement in December, deputy mission director at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “The team can’t wait to put these wheels in some Martian dirt.”

Determination It is based on the same platform as the Curiosity rover, and once deployed, it will start its multiple and complex tasks. Among them, searching for signs of life, tracking natural resources and hazards, or assessing the habitability of the environment. And it will go so far as to try to generate oxygen in what could be the first attempt at rehab.

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